Jeffrey Dovedot

Cali, Columbia, is widely known as the Salsa-dancing capital of the country and as a global Salsa destination. Full of highly skilled dancers across a broad age range, the city contains more than 60 Salsa schools and a number of popular Salsa bars and clubs, including Tin Tin Deo, La Fuente, Zaperoco, Discoteca Extasis, and Chango. Many Salsa clubs in Cali attract crowds beginning at 2 a.m. and remain open until 6 a.m.

Cali additionally hosts Festival Munidal de Salsa, Cali, or the Cali World Salsa Dance Festival, one of the most highly celebrated Salsa-dancing competitions in the world. The festival attracts thousands of both domestic and international competitors and designates the winners as Columbia’s representatives in the following World Salsa Championships. Tourists interested in Salsa will find a vibrant, thriving community in the Cali Salsa environment.

About the Author: Jeffrey Dovedot studied Management and International Studies at the Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh. Mr. Dovedot has traveled to numerous regions in Columbia, including Medellín, San Andrés, Zona Cafetera, and Tayrona National Park.


By now, it has become a family tradition. Each summer, family members on my mother’s side get together in Florida to share stories from the past year and soak up the beautiful Floridian sun. Roughly 20 family members attend the event, and we play games, show off our cooking skills, and simply enjoy each other’s company. I always look forward to this reunion, and it has inspired me to travel to other parts of the United States with my wife throughout the year.

For example, we enjoy hiking in the Smoky Mountains, and the Abrams Falls is one of our favorite hikes. Five miles in length, the trail navigates Abrams Creek and Cades Cove Valley and ends at the 20-foot Abrams Falls. I think that it’s experiences like these that make a family stronger. New activities and places—there’s nothing better than sharing them with familiar faces.

About the Author:

An avid traveler, Jeffrey Dovedot has experienced salsa dancing in Cali, Colombia, and skiing in Western Pennsylvania. He lives in Florida and works for Verizon Wireless.